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American Jesus 23x35

Documentary, 77′. Directed by Aram Garriga. Written by Xavi Prat & Aram Garriga. Produced by Larry Fessenden, Brent Kunkle, Carles Torras & Aram Garriga. Glass Eye Pix, Zabriskie Films & Visualsuspects in coproduction with TV3-Televisió de Catalunya & Televisión Española (TVE).

Audience Award at Berlin Spanische Film Festival 2014. Woodstock Film Festival 2013, Sitges IFF 2013 (New Visions), Florida Film Festival 2014, Boston Underground FF 2014, IFC New York, Cable Car Providence, Cinematèque Chicago, Downtown Independent Los Angeles, Message To Man Saint Petersburg 2015.

"American Jesus is an important documentary that will redefine how the world looks at America and how we Americans look at ourselves… with a level of intuitive intelligence I’ve never seen before in a film on religion." –The Huffington Post

"AN AMAZING of the best and most interesting documentaries on religion."  –Todd Brown, Twitch

Fascinating and of the best, if not, the best documentary on Christianity in the United States today, lift your arms in prayer and say "Hallelujah" for AMERICAN JESUS. –Debbie Lynn Elias, Movie Shark Deblore 

 Garriga is the new Alexis de Tocqueville.."American Jesus" is to religion what de Tocqueville's "Democracy in America" (1835) was to our national life then: a revealing outsider's exploration of truths we Americans are too close to." –The Huffington Post


American Jesus is an exploration of Christianity in every faction of American Life, from the breadline to the yoga studio, from the humble churches of snake handlers to the mega churches in the ex-urbs. Christian cowboys, bikers and musicians, comedians, surfers and cage-fighters, they are all doing it for Christ.  A vivid mosaic of personalities and conflicting points of view that emerges as a portrait of an America yearning for solace and meaning in the modern world.

Available on Netflix USA, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes. Distributed by Disinformation Company (USA) and Java Films (Europe).